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Power-Throw™ High-Velocity Horizontal Unit Heater

Power-Throw™ High-velocity horizontal unit heaters are ideal for heating hard to heat areas that require a greater heat throw.

  • Power-Throw™ units are furnished with louvers for directional control of heated air.
  • Design assures the correct relationship between air temperature, velocity, and air volume for greater heat throw; air is delivered to the floor at maximum mounting height, increasing comfort and reducing fuel costs.
  • Units are compact and lightweight, requiring fewer contractor hours to install.
  • Motor and fan are completely enclosed. All single phase and explosion-proof motors include internal overload protection to protect the motor from insulation damaging heat, resulting in longer motor life.
  • Quiet operation is assured through the use of carefully selected motors, fans, and scientifically designed venturi fan shrouds.
  • Casings are treated for corrosion resistance and finished with a neutral gray-green baked-on, electrostatically applied polyester powder coat paint finish.
  • Protective aluminum screen protects heating elements from accidental damage.
  • Safety fan guard formed from heavy gauge steel rod stock is attached to the unit heater casing and provides a rigid support for the motor and protection for the exposed fan.
  • Air distribution is controlled by a standard adjustable position horizontal louver assembly.
  • All units include an electrical junction box, either integral to the motor or mounted on the unit casing, to allow for easy electrical connections.
  • Automatic Rest Overheat control to interrupt the power supply to the heating elements and will reset itself once the heater cools to a safe temperature.


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