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Effinity™ with Building Management System Integration

Operating at up to 97% thermal efficiency, Modine’s Effinity™ condensing unit heater features the highest efficiency available in North America for commercial and industrial gas-fired unit heaters, which will dramatically lower energy costs and CO2 emissions

  • Made in the USA.
  • Separated combustion – drawing combustion air from outside to ensure that the unit will always have plenty of fresh, clean air for combustion while increasing the overall heating efficiency.
  • Helps promote a clean air growing environment — combustion fumes are vented outside, away from your plants.
  • Fuel savings — up to 97% efficiency allows you to save otherwise wasted energy and money.
  • Dependable and consistent performance accompanies Modine’s Concervicore Technology – providing power exhauster and dual heat exchangers.
  • Secondary heat exchanger is made of AL29-4® stainless steel and comes with a 10-year warranty – eliminating corrosion concerns and extending the life of your investment.
  • Building Management System integration capabilities allow these units to be added easily to any existing system.
  • Energy Saver Controls – as the temperature increases, the gas is disabled and stratified ceiling air is used to heat the space below. Once the ceiling air temperature decreases, the gas re-engages and heats the air.
  • Contractor Convenience Package featuring a condensate pump convenience outlet, unit on/off switch, heater function status indicator lights, and external terminals for thermostat wiring
  • Just one Effinity™ can lower CO2 output by thousands of pounds annually.
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