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Power Throw Hydronic

The Modine hydronic unit heaters are designed for long heat-throw and uniform heat delivery.

  • Permits the unit to be rotated 360° without piping changes.
  • Permits the unit to be installed in low clearance areas.
  • Units have a 2-piece casing for easy coil access.
  • All models have tapped holes for suspension by threaded rod or optional pipe hanger adapter kit, except HSB 18 and HSB 24 which mount directly to and are supported by the supply and return piping.
  • Serpentine copper tube coil design has high resistance to thermal shock, even under high steam pressures.
  • The absence of coil headers eliminates potential leaks and increases coil face area without increasing the overall size of the unit.
  • Coil is designed for greater water carrying capacity with lower friction loss.
  • Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA
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