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Modine Indoor Gravity-Vented Duct Furnace

Input ranges from 75,000 to 400,000 Btu/Hr and can operate on either natural or propane gas with an airflow range from 556 to 14,500 CFM.

  • ETL certification for commercial and industrial use in the US and Canada
  • Aluminized steel cabinet with duct flanges for easy ductwork connection
  • 81% minimum thermal efficiency over 20° to 100°F temperature rise range for fuel savings
  • Patented aluminized steel dimple tube clam-shell heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer (409 stainless steel optional)
  • Heat exchanger certified to withstand 3.0” W.C. external static for use in systems with long duct runs or high static accessories
  • Aluminized steel burner with stainless steel separator strip (409 stainless steel optional)
  • Gravity vented with 45° angled round vent connection for tighter ducting
  • Blocked vent safety switch to verify proper venting
  • Right hand control access (left hand optional) with slide out burner access
  • Single stage gas controls (two stage, electronic modulation, or building management controls using a 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA input optional)
  • Automatic reset high limit safety control (manual reset optional)
  • Intermittent pilot ignition with continuous retry control system
  • Control terminal board and low voltage terminal connections
  • Gas control step down transformer with 24V gas controls
  • 4-point mounting with threaded rod (by others)
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