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Modine Units

Heinlein Supply is the Midwest largest “IN STOCK” distributor of Modine OEM Parts. Our stock consists of a large selection of Modine Parts for both past and present units. We will be glad to assist you in accurately, and promptly selecting parts for your unit heater requirements.

We SHIP IMMEDIATELY FROM OUR STOCK. If for some reason the part is not in our stock, we will order and expedite it for you.

To ensure correct part selections for your heater we encourage you to obtain the following in- formation about the Unit Heater.The first 4 can be found on the Unit Heater Name Plate.

  1. Model Number
  2. Serial Number
  3. Power Code
  4. Control Code
  5. The Part Number or Description of the Part that failed
  6. The Date the Part/Unit was installed and the Date on which it failed

To ease you through the ordering/inquiry process contact us at 773-774-8616, email at, fax at 773-774-8622 or click above on Get a Quote.

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