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Looking for Modine parts? Tired of searching through endless websites trying to find the specific replacement part you need?

Worried you’ll end up with a generic part that doesn’t properly fit or work?

Concerned about ordering from multiple suppliers and paying high shipping fees?

At Heinlein Supply, we specialize in being your one-stop OEM Modine parts shop. With thousands of authentic parts in stock and an easy-to-navigate catalog, you’ll locate what you need effortlessly.

Our team offers guidance to ensure you get the properly identifying replacement parts for your specific Modine unit’s make and model.

Enjoy consolidated ordering and discounted shipping rates.

Best of all, you won’t lose business due to prolonged heater downtime when relying on Heinlein Supply for all your parts needs!

Contact our team today to turn part sourcing from a hassle into a help.

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Popular Modine Parts

Modine MotorModine Gas ValveModine Vent KitModine IgnitorModine Circuit Boardmodine thermocoupleModine Fan Relay/Timermodine pilot assemblyModine Exhaust AssemblyModine Pressure Switch



modine heater gas valve replacementmodine vent kit5h079749b5h78126 1modine heater thermocouple5h71675bmodine pilot assembly702111734SPST Air Pressure Switch



modine gas valvemodine 32161hot dawg heater ignitermodine hot dawg circuit boardmodine thermocouple5h71675modine pilot assembly 0.80″WC SPST Pressure Switch



modine hot dawg gas valvemodine horizontal vent kitmodine hot dawg ignitermodine hot dawg control boardthermocouple for modine heater5h0730350000modine standing pilot assembly 5H0735910009 Pressure Switch Replacement



modine heater gas valvemodine horizontal concentric vent kit



modine control boardmodine thermocouple   5H0735910005 SPST Pressure Switch (1.10″ WC)





modine concentric vent kitmodine flame sensormodine ignition control boardpropane heater thermocouple replacement   5H0750300004 SPST Pressure Switch (0.40″ WC)
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