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Heinlein Supply is Modine's Midwest Parts Distributor and stocks the largest supply of Modine parts in the nation. In stock parts will ship out within 24 hours. Non-stock parts are ordered from Modine and shipped out ASAP.

Heinlein Supply Co.
5516 North Elston Ave.
Chicago, IL 60630
(773) 774-8616

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Manufacturers - Modine

Heinlein Supply carries many of the Modine Heaters, Furnaces and Parts in stock. For more information or a price quote on any of the Modine Products/Parts call us at 773-774-8616 or complete our information request form.

Modine is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of innovative comfort heating, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment for the North American building HVAC market. As a provider of indoor air solutions the majority of Modine's business is targeted at the commercial, agricultural and industrial markets, but the residential market is a growing part of our business.

When it comes to Building-HVAC systems, no other manufacturer can provide the combined product flexibility, technical expertise and fast delivery found at Modine. Leadership comes from proven experience in heat-transfer innovation... it comes from Modine.

The following product information is used solely with permission of Modine.

Modine HSB/V/PT
Modine Hot Water/Steam Unit Heater
Three Different Air Delivery Configurations
HSB - 18,000 - 340,000 BTU's
V - 42,000 - 610,000 BTU's
PT - 279,000 - 952,000 BTU's
Download Brochure - 1-150-14.pdf

Modine HHD
Modine Hot Water Unit Heater
Low Profile Design ideally suited for residential garages, basements, vestibules, commercial, industrial, institutional installations (non-potable water applications only).
12,000 - 46,000 BTU's
Download Brochure - 1-115-0.pdf

Modine Electric Unit Heater
For Standard and Hazardous Locations
5KW - 25KW
17,100-85,400 BTU's
Download Brochure - 2-116-5.pdf

Modine Direct Fired MDB/MRB
Modine Direct Fired Make-up Air Units
Make-up Air, Ventilating, Evaporative Cooling
100,000 - 6,955,200 BTU's
Download Brochure - 7-150-3.pdf

Modine Indirect Make-up Air D & H
Modine Gas Fired Indoor/Outdoor Duct Furnaces
Heating, Ventilating, Cooling, Make-up Air
75,000 - 960,000 BTU's
Download Brochure - 5-173-7.pdf

Modine DFG/DFP
Modine Indoor Gravity Duct Furnace
For Heating, Heating/Cooling and Make-up Air Systems
75,000 - 400,000 BTU's
Download Brochure - 5-174-5.pdf

Modine Hot Dawg Gas Fired Garage Unit Heater
Low Profile for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Use.
30,000 - 75,000 BTU's
6-175.6 Brochure
Download Brochure - 6-175-6.pdf

Modine PTC Effinity 93
Modine Gas Fired Unit Heater/90 Plus Condensing
Designed for Use with a Building's Heating Systems
135,000 - 310,000 BTU's
Download Brochure - 6-170-6.pdf

Modine Gas Fired Unit Heater/Power Vented
Designed for Use with a Building's Heating Systems
where Negative Pressure or Energy Savings may be an Issue
30,000 - 400,000 BTU's
Download Brochure - 6-189-10.pdf

Modine Ductless Split Ceiling Cassette
Independent Controlled Temperature Zone
Download Brochure - 8-105-6.pdf

Modine VFV/VFF Valedictorian
Modine Under the Window Vertical Unit   Ventilator
Heat Pump and Air Conditioning System for Schools
38,000 - 108,000 BTU's
14-100.1, 80-156.1
Download Brochure - 14-100.1.pdf
Download Brochure - 80-156.1.pdf

Modine MHR
Modine Infrared Heater/Gas Fired High-Intensity
Ideal For Spot Heating
30,000 - 160,000 BTU's
Download Brochure - 9-123-1.pdf

Modine TLP
Modine Gas Fired Infrared/Pressurized Low- Intensity
Comfort and Uniform Heating
50,000 - 200,000 BTU's
Download Brochure - 9-123.pdf

Modine Cabinet Heaters
Modine Cabinet Heater Steam/Hot Water Heater
Ceiling, Floor or Wall Mount
10,700 - 121,800 BTU's
Download Brochure - 11-160-8.pdf

Modine Commercial Fin Tube
Modine Comercial Fin Tube Radiation Steam/Hot Water Heaters
Download Brochure - 12-135-4.pdf

Modine Convectors
Modine Convectors Steam/Hot Water Heaters
Constructed to satisfy the requirements of strength, durability and safety in different building applications
Download Brochure - 13-111-3.pdf